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Symmetrical Undesirable is officially released free of charge, on:

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"Symmetrical Undesirable" on

"Ideology" on

"Ideology" is released "pay what you want" or free.

This song is a profound thank you to the RCMP.

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Schizo Of Innuendo "Immortally Disilusioned" E.P.

First track done, check it out.


"Acquittal Of A Requiem Act 2"

Here are the orchestral and original remakes of the song entitled "Acquittal of A Requiem Act 2" (formerly Track 2 on a eleven year old demo CD).  It's bound to push the limits of your sound system, nonetheless, a very powerful track.  So, feel free to click either links for the industrial, orchestral version or the original remake.  Metal, you'll see...

Original remake:  Click the finger

Orchestral:  Click the finger